Insider Tips for Snagging Top Women Clothing Deals

It’s easier to get steal-deals and sizzling discounts on women clothing than you think. Here at Top Retail Deals, we scour online stores looking for top women clothing deals every day. Over the years, we’ve amassed a few deal-hunting tricks up our sleeves.

Keep reading for our insider tips on everything – from knowing when sales go live to how to snag promo codes. 

Know When Sales Go Up

Most people think that the best time to get a sale or top women clothing deals is around Black Friday or close to the holidays. Don’t get me wrong; Black Friday offers a sizzling opportunity to find good deals, but not the best. If you’re looking to snag top women clothing deals, try late June or early January.

Setup Sale Alerts

Most retail websites like Amazon allow shoppers to set alerts so they can get reminders when a particular piece of clothing is on sale. Just set up the alert and the store will notify you when the item has been moved to the discounted list.

Take Advantage of Coupon Codes

More often than not, retail stores promote their coupon codes. That’s why you can get the code almost everywhere. Occasionally, however, a coupon code flies under the radar. In such a case, a website like can come in handy. They can help you find a discount code for almost any women clothing item.

Shop offseason

It might seem obvious, but knowingly planning in advance to shop for autumn fashion in spring, winter clothing in summer, and vice versa, can save you oodles of money. After all, clothing hives off 4% of our budget.

Take Seller Surveys

Here’s a no-brainer tip that can help you get top women clothing deals: take the surveys which usually appear at the bottom of the receipt. This way, the retailer can offer you a coupon for 5%-10% off as a thank you.

Write Amazon Reviews

Here’s an absolutely fabulous way to get top women clothing deals: sign up for Amazon Vine. This is a program that lets people receive items at ridiculously discounted (or free) prices in exchange for an honest review.

Try Discount Shopping Websites

Websites like, Bib+Tuck,, and others can help connect you to top women clothing deals. From lingerie to bras to dinner dresses to winter sweaters and more, these websites are a godsend for anyone looking to snag fantastic discounts and steal-deals.

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