Hot Electronics Right Now

As 2017 comes to a dramatic close, it’s time we take stock of hot electronics to buy right now. From smartphones to LED TVs and everything in-between, here’s a list of the most selling electronics right now. Read on – you might find an excellent gift for the holiday.

The Hottest TV: LG C7 OLED Series

LG has not been the one to disappoint when it comes to electronics. And they certainly did a bang-up job on its C7 OLED Series. Incredible pictures and stunning display place LG C7 at the top of the best TVs for 2017. It comes with stunning ultra-thin design as well as gorgeous contrast-rich pictures.

Hottest Laptop: Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is hot right now – it’s the best ultrabook and the best laptop – and with good reason. It features what Dell calls InfinityEdge display, a fabulous LED display that makes colours pop. It’s also faster and has a long-lasting battery. No matter how you look at it, Dell XPS is a hot electronic at the moment, and the best laptop you can get.

Hottest Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S8

After the S7 debacle, Samsung went to the drawing board and came up with something truly inspiring. Galaxy S8 is a genuine work of art. With stunning, bezel-less infinity display, fantastic camera, and a monster of a processor, Samsung Galaxy S8 is worth every penny.

Bonus Hot Smartphone: iPhone X

iPhone X began selling a few days ago, and the reviews are raving. It comes with an infinity display with an option of two larger displays. It comes with a snappier Apple A11 Bionic chip which can churn out more performance than any smartphone on the market. Make no mistake, iPhone X is a top-notch phone at a premium price.

Hottest Gaming Console: PS4 Pro

Sony’s PS gaming consoles have always been light years ahead of the rest. PS4 Pro packs so much power into such a little box. It is the first 4K capable HDR console made by Sony. If you’re an ardent gamer with a 4K TV, PS4 Pro is your best bet. It helps that it comes with 1TB of storage.

Hottest Fitness Tracker: Moov Now

For fitness enthusiasts, Moov Now is the hot electronic. It’s simply a no-screen wonder. But don’t let that fool you. Moov Now is waterproof, compatible with Ios/Android, and has one of the best battery lives in the market. Of course, it will not put a huge dent in your bank account.

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